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Terms & Conditions

  1. I fully understand that enrolment in “self-study IELTS course” does not ensure my obtaining the score that I require to complete the IELTS test successfully.
  2. I fully understand that it has been recommended that I should have hitherto achieved a minimum level of Intermediate, an IELTS Band score 5.0 (TOEFL PBT 550, CBT 200, iBT 70) or equivalent, prior to commencement of “self-study IELTS course” with the aim of gaining the maximum benefit from the courses. I fully understand that if, in fact, I am not at this prescribed minimum English language level, “self-study IELTS course” may not assist me in earning my required IELTS test band score.
  3. I fully understand that I will receive a single-user account upon registration; and if I share this account with another person, my membership will be denied and my access can inalterably be refused.
  4. I have carefully read and fully understood the technical specifications required for successful utilization of “self-study IELTS course” on the computer(s) or cell-phone or even tablet that I will use.
  5. Specification required:
    Preferably a computer system with any of the following web browsers:
  6. I fully understand that if the computer(s) or cell-phone or even tablet I use, do not comply with these technical requirements, “self-study IELTS course” may not display properly on the computer or I may not be able to access all the features of “self-study IELTS course” properly.
  7. I fully understand that any of my “In-lesson Support” or “Assessment Task” will be responded to within the three working days after submission. I fully understand that “self-study IELTS course” is responsible for responding to the maximum number of 20 questions - “In-lesson Support”- in my course.
  8. I have carefully read and fully understood the refund policy and agree to pursue this policy.

Refund Policy

Students must request a refund for a “self-study IELTS course" or for one or more modules of IELTS course by writing an email to support@selfstudyielts.com

  1. Students may receive a full refund for “self-study IELTS course” or for one or more modules of “self-study IELTS course” if they:
    • i. have never logged into the course/module within seven days of enrolling;
    • ii. have logged into the course/module but have not accessed more than two lessons within seven days of enrolling;
    • iii. have been invaded privacy of their personal information in “self-study IELTS course”.
    • * However, a refund in these circumstances is at the unfettered discretion of “self-study IELTS course” and may be subject to the reasons submitted by the student for their failure to log into or use the courses.
  2. Students will NOT receive a refund for self-study IELTS course or for one or more modules of self-study your IELTS course if they:
    • have logged into the course/module and have accessed more than 2 lessons within 7 days of enrolling;
    • have taken all Post-Lessons;
    • have submitted one or two Assessment Tasks in Post-Lessons;
    • have submitted more than two In-Lesson Support Question through any Lesson;
    • have never logged into the course/module but are requesting refund more than 7 days after enrolling.
    • * No partial refunds will be given.
  3. In the event of severe technical difficulties on the part of “self-study IELTS course” that prevent access to “self-study IELTS course” for more than 5 days, an extension in access time to the course/module will be offered to the student.
  4. Students will receive a full refund if they have been unable to access or use the self-study IELTS course properly due to technical difficulties in “self-study IELTS course” systems for the duration of their access time in the course. However, refunds will not be given if the difficulties in accessing self-study your IELTS course is on grounds of incompatibility with the Student's computer system and it will be believed that the Student was informed of the system specifications required to use self-study IELTS course.
  5. Self-study your IELTS course will notify a student by email that a refund has been approved within 7 days of approval. All refunds approved by self-study IELTS course will be paid within 30 days of receiving a complete written request from the student with all supporting documentation.
  6. These terms and conditions may be subject to change from time to time without notice. Nothing in this document infringes a student's right to take action under moral consumer protection laws.

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