"The number of paragraphs in letter may vary depending on the specific instructions for each task, but in general one paragraph for stating the reason, another for development of the subject, and the final one for other remaining points given in task (as well as closing remarks) are needed."

All those sentences are now in one piece to help you picture the general snapshot of your letter. Now can you choose the right choice in each gap Pay attention to all choices in the gap as they are mostly some common mistakes made by other IELTS candidates. ?

  Dear Professor Sisley:

  I, Peter Cooper who is one of your students in the evening class, am writing this letter to offer my sincere not being able to hand in your given assignment on time. I fully that this is not remotely acceptable to you. tick

  As a matter of fact, an acute pain in my back a few months ago, I went to see a doctor. There and then, I was shocked to that my problem was sciatica. Treatment of this complication got me enormous difficulty. To manage its medical costs, I had to take a temporary job along with my studies. In spite of the pain I was in, I did my best to do both activities quite . But I regret to inform you that I have been a little behind schedule in your given assignment. tick

  At the moment, to compensate the delay in completing my assignment, I would very much like to request a two-week extension my deadline. If it is granted, I, in return, will certainly meet any other extra demand you would like to make within my assigned piece of work. tick

  Once again, I any inconvenience caused.

Peter Cooper
PS Please find my incomplete assignment with my compliments. tick