"For achieving complete mastery, this type of letters should be written and practiced for at least a few times. You may simply look for other pieces of practice material by clicking here. You may also submit your pieces of writing at any time you wish to us for further critical evaluation. "

To practice further, you need to write a letter on this following topic. First, click on the numbers to see the suggested ideas, then write a piece on your own, and finally compare your response to the one given here.


You missed an interview appointment because of the problem that you had. Write a letter of apology. In your letter.

  • express your regret and explain what happened 1
  • explain why you can be a suitable candidate 2
  • ask for another appointment 3
  • • my car broke down, tried to call but was unsuccessful
  • • able to learn new tasks
  • • excel in handling multiple projects
  • • record of managing projects
  • • knowing several essential design and project-related software programs
  • • rescheduling of another appointment that is convenient for you